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About Transmit Films

Transmit-Films.com creates aerial footage of exceptional visual and technical quality. Footage is shot with drones of varying sizes, but much of our footage is shot in 10bit H265 LOG using small drones. This gives us the freedom to find the right angles and altitudes for our shots and access environments larger drones might prevent.

This being the case, our footage (whilst of extremely high quality), is targeted at the television and online content markets. We find that feature film DOP’s & producers often want footage originated on cinema cameras (RED, Alexa), but documentary makers and online content producers are always impressed by the quality of our footage and our ability to put our drones into any environment.

We have delivered footage to many of the world’s leading networks, corporations and youtube channels.

All of our footage is captured in 4K. As standard we offer 4K Pro Res 422 clips for purchase online. Once payment is complete, you will immediately be sent the link to download the footage. If you require a clip in a different format then just send us a message via the contact page and we will provide it for you.

Our clips are all shot in LOG format. They are colour balanced, with a little contrast added, but not graded. If you would like the original LOG file, then please do let us know and we will provide this.